The paintings in the NOLA portfolio were born on a street corner on St. Claude Avenue in New Orleans, Louisiana on a summer afternoon in 2017.  Anna said “STOP, photograph THAT house … and as I photographed, and as we talked about it, the idea of combining my photographs with her painting seemed like the next best thing to do.  That conversation, and all the trial and error that ensued, resulted in paintings that are made of a mixture of photographs, house paint, spray paint, pencil, charcoal, oils, and oil sticks on paper, panels, and cardboard.


The work in this series continues during our frequent trips to New Orleans as we visit with family and explore old haunts, always staying open to the subtle nuances that set NOLA apart from any other city in the world.  Magic happens most every day, on every corner, and sometimes we are lucky enough to be present to catch it.  The carbon ink photo transfers go down on the panels first then Anna conjures up her version of those moments.  The two blend together to create something new – half real, half imagined, much like the city itself.